When do we NOT treat plantar warts?

When its not a wart! ok! so the title is misleading, but this is a terrific example of how clinical care can go sideways very easily. This patient was adamant that they had a plantar wart (viral skin infection), they had one previously treated successfully and wanted this on treated the same way. After several […]

What are the five key things to consider when buying a good stable shoe?

How to buy new shoe and what to look for has been a topic of conversation with patients for the past 35 years of my professional career. The reason we spend so much time on the subject of footwear is that without good stable footwear as a foundation, any efforts we make to improve on […]

Finally an Orthotic friendly sandal for men

For years our female patients have had the ability to purchase comfortable stable sandals with removable insole to accept their custom functional orthotics. Not since the disappearance of BITE sandals has the same been possible for males. Well, it would appear that now has changed! Today I had a patient return for a check-up and […]