Is Growing Pains a clinical diagnosis? or just evidence of a lazy clinician.

lazy or disinterested Doctor

 This is another one of those pet peeves of mine, and yes I know, enough of the eye-rolling.  The “Growing Pains” diagnosis is delivered daily to concerned parents and affected child with the advice that “this too shall pass”. Just like acne, temper tantrums, nose bleeds and all the other myriad of interesting afflictions associated […]

Has Artificial Intelligence A Place In Our Daily Clinical Practice?

AI in Podiatry

In any professional career, we go through various phases, sometimes real and others perceived. At one point we may have felt cutting edge, an active contributor to the evolution of our profession, an educator or in modern parle an influencer. It is also unnerving to perceive that we might be falling behind in that process. […]

Diabetes and the feet

rogers television interview with Mississauga Podiatry Associates

This video popped up on my memories from 11 years ago when we were appearing on a monthly health spot for Rogers television in Mississauga. Despite being a decade ago the information is applicable today. The statistics however have been surpassed with regards prevalence of type 2 diabetes in our community. Normally time was limited […]

Have you a toe that won’t sit down?

painful corn due to contracture in the toe

I know we’ve shown you several of these over the last few years, but it’s such a satisfying procedure to perform and the almost instant relief patients experience never gets old. These little toes don’t decide to curl or contract just for the fun of it. This happens because the foot structure is unstable and […]


neglected nails or thickened toe nails

This gentleman was determined to make a change in his health and mobility in this new year. We were lucky enough to help him achieve that. Often when considering topics to Blog about we neglect the mundane and less glamorous aspects of our professional lives, conversely this is often where we can have the greatest […]

Would you like to avoid causing damage to the top covering on your custom Orthotic?

image of our video on shoehorn use

Occasionally we get patients returning for check-ups voicing disappointment with the durability of the top covering of their orthotic devices. In reality, the damage was unwittingly caused directly by the individuals themselves. They managed this by improperly utilizing a shoe horn while putting on the shoe. As time passes, simple tasks can become difficult or […]

Your New Year Resolution

leaping into 2024

Want A Fitter Healthier You For 2024! Many of us choose the New Year to rectify health and fitness issues that have developed over the last twelve months, and that is a great resolution.  If increasing your activity level or commencing an exercise programme is part of your new start, then begin with the correct […]

What Does actually Work For Plantar Heel Pain

radiofrequency ablation of the medial Calcaneal nerve

In Part one, we discussed what DEFINITELY doesn’t work for Plantar Heel Pain (PHP). Then we looked at what MIGHT work based on present research. NOW, IT IS TIME TO LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE FOR WHAT ACTUALLY DOES WORK FOR PHP! Weight loss In a systematic review by Butterworth et al focusing on the relationship […]

Plantar Heel Pain: Part 2

shock wave therapy device

 Part 1 was all about what you definitely should not do to treat Plantar Heel Pain (PHP), this is all about what might be a reasonable option. First up, let’s take a look at Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) It has long been documented “well obviously ESWT works”, and for the most this is true. However, there […]