Bothered by hard skin and cracked heels?

Not everyone who wears sandals develops hard skin and cracks on their heels. But if you do its indicative that your feet are not very stable.

I know summer has just arrived and already I’m on your case about sandals.

But before you shed your clothes and slip on your sandals, please remember, even a contoured sandals like the one pictured below, will not significantly improve functional control. 

Your heels are going to roll in and twist causing hard skin to build up and then form vertical splits. Your big toe joint is going to lock causing heavy callouses (hard skin) on the side of the big toe and your little toes to curl down into the ground causing callous and thicken/discoloured nails.

It’s OK to wear sandals, just don’t live in them. 

Remember to hydrate your body and your skin. Pick your opportunities to wear based on level of activity and yes we can help diagnose and treat the underlying cause. 

Nope! I’m not telling who’s feet these are!. But its safe to say some of us dont always practice what we preach.