children`s foot problems

As always with media presentations, there is never enough time to completely address any issue the way you would love to.

Children’s foot problems!, especially those pertaining to structure and function, is one area we believe is most neglected and most destructive in long term results.  I recently read from a female practioner in the U.S., describe the increasing frequency of acquired flat foot conditions as a pediatric “perfect storm”.  The rapid weight gain sometimes seen in childhood due to dietary influences combined with the decreasing levels of activity, are wreaking havoc in the developing skeletal and muscular structures.  Having been in practice now for 27 years, (YIKES!! how did that happen?) there is no doubt in my mind that there has been a rapid increase in the presentation of pediatric acquired flat feet.  The one overwhelming fact that has become painful and blatantly apparent,  is  waiting to see if the child will outgrow the condition, does not work.

Most frequently our first line of treatment will be foot wear advice, an explanation of normal  pedal development,  and monitoring.  The most important  tool we have is familiarity with what justifiably falls within  the realm of normal developmental variances and that which is pathologically harmful.