Do I need a new pair of Orthotics

Do I need new Orthotics’s?

I love when patients show up after a couple of years with heavily worn devices and reporting no discomfort. 

The answer is NO! 

If the shell still has structural integrity and the posts aren’t collapsed then by all means let’s get our lab to recover them and make them look like new.

Unfortunately over time orthotics will wear out or the foot structure can change necessitating a new prescription and fabrication of new devices. Typically our general activity devices are semi rigid in nature based upon the individuals body weight. As a result it is our expectation that your orthotics should last several years even with an active life style. 

Custom orthotic devices do not need to be replaced on an annual basis, the only occasions where this might possibly be necessary is in specialty sports devices under extreme conditions, for example marathon runners or high level competitive court sports.

For further in formation on custom orthotic devices follow the link below.