First Aid Treatment at Cancer Walk


As the founder and a senior practitioner of PODIATRY ASSOCIATES, it is with great pride, and not a little tiredness, that I report our involvement again this year in this most worthy endeavour.

We are happy to do our part to assist the women and men who train for and actually do the 30K/day for each of two successive days, many of whom camp out at Downsview Base on the Saturday night. We, along with many medical Personnel attend help stations along the route, and stay at  Camp Downsview with the walkers until night fall, attending to the myriad of aches, pains, and blisters of the first day; and then repeat the process on the Sunday.

As you can imagine, foot care and advice becomes the predoninant medical need over this greater than 30 hour endeavour. We want to congratulate ALL those who participated in the walk in any fashion; walkers, crew, medical staff, and organizers who are all of equal importance in pulling off an endeavour of this magnitude on an annual basis.

This year, with the extraordinary proportion of blisters seen, it might be observed as a comment on the shoe industry, and the publics perception of whaqt factors go in to a quality shoe and a proper fit

This, as always, aside from the “Mash”-like setting that we function in, and the sore back that goes with it, is a most rewarding and fulfilling means of giving back to the community, and I look forward to it again next year.