Foot Health Month At New Balance

Last month in conjunction with the OPMA (Ontario Podiatric Medical Association), our office was invited to participate in the promotion of Foot Health, in the various locations of New Balance Stores in the GTA.

We have had a long standing relationship with New Balance Oakville, having referred patients to avail of their expertise in shoe fitting, and model recommendations.

What a great opportunity it was to actually work side by side with the staff at New Balance Oakville, particularly Mangers Ian and Ben.  Not only were we able to provide footwear advice, but with our persence; medical advice, about feet and how the health of their feet affect their performance in their sport.

Great thanks to Paul Fu https://www.newbalancetoronto.ca/ and Kel Sherkin DPM for helping organize such a worthwhile event.  It’s always nice to impart advice, and general knowledge to the public in a different arena outside the four walls of our offices.  

Mark Bradley