Foot Health Month 2013

Unbelievable but the month of May is almost upon us. With that comes the beginning of Foot Health month here in Ontario and many other areas across the globe. Our intention this year is to focus on the over used adage that these feet of ours must last us a life time. Like so many other important parts of our physical structure they our integral to our well being. Our ability to walk however is vital in so many ways, our independence, locomotion, cardiovascular health, social involvement and even mental health. 

The health of our feet and legs can be the cornerstone to general systemic health and often times a primary indicator of malfunction of the same system. 

So forgive this once yearly reminder that our there on the periphery our bodily solar system are those often forgotten feet. When they signal danger or distress seek us out, the payoff might be greater and longer reaching than you can imagine.

We at the Podiatry Associates will be launching our foot health month next Tuesday April 30th on Rogers Television with a conversation with host Ted Lehman on the subject.