Glass In Foot

Every day we are fortunate enough to make a difference in someones life, here was todays opertunity.

He is 79 years old, lives alone and stepped on a shard of broken glass in his kitchen barefoot and sustained a cut. That was 10.5 Weeks ago, since then he has been in “crippling pain”, his words and he normally complains about nothing”.

Went to his physician two days later, Xrays taken, refered to emergency. Admitted from emergency for pain, IV antibiotic and oral pain killers given, stayed 5 days.  Two attempts were made to probe the cut.  Eventually discharged with referal to general surgeon, refered to plastic, refered to orthopedics. Still waiting to hear which orthopedist he will be referred to and when. Has recieved a further course of oral anibiotics, been prescribed an Aircast boot, but it hurt his lower leg tomuch to wear it.

Barely able to move around his appartment, thankful for slippers and deep carpet. Finally thought he would call our office to see if he needed a referal, that was at 9:30AM this morning. After 20 minutes in our office i was delighted to present him with the shard of glass he knew was in his foot all along.

Sorry the picture below isnt in focus but gives some idea of size and it was located immediately under his right big toe joint. 

His Joy nearly match mine, so glad I do what I do, i guess my christmas came early.