Heel Spur Diagnosis

On a daily basis patients turn up at our offices with heel pain and a referral from their physician with a diagnosis of heel spurs.

The difficulty with this is that the patient then associates the continued presence of the bone spur with future suffering. In actual fact the pain is from inflammation and the spur, the thicken fascia, soft tissue swelling and bone inflammation are all symptoms of a chronic overuse injury. Our task to effectively resolve the immediate pain and prevent long term reoccurrence, is to identify the structural and functional origin of the condition. Sometimes it’s fairly easy other times prolonged, requiring multi faceted approaches. There is no one fix for all and many professed “cures” actually prolong and exacerbate the condition.

Heel Spurs are present in many individuals and remain asymptomatic through out their lives, they do however indicate overuse of the planter fascia.

Schedule an appointment at an office location near you with one of our dedicated specialists. We do not require a referral however pertinent information from your primary care specialist may help in our diagnosis. Bring any pertinent images (X-rays) or test results with you and if appropriate samples of your footwear. Given the nature of our specialty it is likely we will want to observe you standing or walking during the initial exam. Call The Podiatry Associates in Mississauga, at (905)568-3800. We are also located in Brantford, ON, at (519) 751-2900 and Whitby, Ontario, at (905) 433-0200