Ingrown Toenail Surgery

We are back with Roger’s television again in Brantford and tomorrows topic is surgical for a change. Surgery is one of my favorite aspects of what we do professionally. Often in a very short period of time we are able to completely alleviate a condition that has drastically limited or threatened our patients mobility.

Tomorrow’s topic is the most common example of such a condition, namely that of an ingrown toenail. For most it can be very painful and restrict us from carrying out normally daily tasks. For those with more fragile general health conditions it can be a portal for a host of pathogens to enter the body and at worst it can be life threatening.

On average just over 45% of patients presenting to our offices have had multiple previous surgical interventions to address this simple complaint, often accompanied by similar numbers of antibiotic treatments. Their experiences vary from, well intentioned aggressive debridement in emergency suites, to surgical procedures performed under general anesthesia requiring hospital admission.

The mental scars from some of these experiences are raw and require a lot of gentle reassurance and explanation so that the individual understands how their condition can be permanently corrected, painlessly and in an esthetically pleasing manor.

If this sounds a little over dramatic!, ask around you might be more surprised than you would expect. Here is fairly common approach to addressing this complaint, unfortunatly it is usually accompanied by considerable pain and about a 75% regrowth rate.