Jeanne Beker & The Little Black Dress

On the evening of May 12th 2011, over 400 women (and a few brave men) dawned their little black dresses for an evening of good food, good company, a great cause and an internationally acclaimed speaker, held by the Brantford Expositor, at the Best Western Brant Park Inn. https://brantfordexpositor.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2987953

Proceeds from the event benefitted Nova Vita Domestic Violence Prevention Services in Brantford, what a great way to give back whilst kicking up your Heels (pun intended).https://www.novavita.org/

Fashionista Jeanne Beker of CTV’s Fashion TV, held a captive audience retelling her great story of how determination, tenacity,  and plain ‘ole gumption got her to where she is now.  Aside from being a great motivational speaker, she displayed and openness and approachability to which all women that night appreciated. https://www.thestar.com/living/fashion/article/996810–beker-little-black-dresses-impress

Our aim at Brantford Podiatry when we initially considered our involvement in this evening, was to not only give back to our community, but  to also make ourselves visible to a population who could potentially need our help, and may not know who we are, or simply where to go.  Let’s face it high heeled shoes and sore feet  hmmmmm, not such a long stretch!  And what a success; beyond our expectations!  We were inundated with questions, queries and comments regarding feet; their feet, their husbands feet, their kids feet or just feet in general…in and out of heels, and guess what, after the event many came to see us at our clinic to follow through.  https://www.podiatryassociates.com/

Aside from our success following that night, it gave us an excuse to listen to Jeanne Beker and look through the eyes of a well respected fashion expert,  and laugh at her stories of fashion sense and nonsense, but most importantly we step into the shoes of a great cross section of Brantford women which gave us great insight as to what our community needs.  It was a great night had by all.  Our logo of the night stated “Heels Tonight, Healing Tomorrow”, how true, even we were not immune. 

See you next year at the Little Black Dress Event 2012.

Marilyn Bradley