Orthotics in Spring Shoes

Okay, you’ve had a history of foot pain, your Podiatrist has diagnosed your foot problem, you now wear orthotics, and as a result (rejoice) you are pain free!

But….and this is a big but, you are a modern woman and it’s now spring (no smart alec remarks about the weather!) now what do you wear?!  You have a great pair of running shoes, and were even able wear your orthotics in dress boots this winter; now however, it seems you’ve hit a brick wall and your starting to panick! This is the most common concern amongst our patients during this time of the year.

Here is the key, in the ideal world we want you to be the perfect patient, who wears their orthotics 100% of the time in stable footwear.  The reality is that none of us are perfect, including myself.  So it’s really about the scales always leaning heaviest towards the good side, so that we don’t suffer when we are comprimising by wearing ‘no so great footwear’.  

Commute, do groceries, exercise, walk the dog, travel to and from the airport, sightsee…..in good shoes with your orthotics, so you can get a away with comprimises when your not so hard on your feet.

I comb the internet, the flyers and the stores for summer-y shoes and sandals that are better than the usual, and can acommodate an orthotic.  Here are a couple of my picks for the spring, for use at the office and out of the office.

(Frye, Ecco, & Capezio)

Happy Spring, happy hunting!

Marilyn Bradley