Queens Park Foot Health Kick Off

Congradulations on the Kick Off for international Foot Health Month to the Ontario Society of Chiropodists. They marked the occassion with a ceremonial kick off to the event with Toronto Argonaut kicker Noel Prefontaine and a return by past Ontario College of Chiropodists president Andrew Springer. Despite the damp conditions the event was very well attended by medical professionals and political representitives.

Following our weekend participation in events hosted by New Balance at their Oakville location and the OPMA, we at The Podiatry Associates will

be continuing our participation in this International Foot Health Month tomorrow. 

We will be devoting our monthly appearance on the daytime Rogers cable show “Inside Brant“, to subject of Foot Health Month and more specifically to the subject of pediatric and juvenile foot health. Later in the month we hope to be doing a similar venture  on our monthly visit with the “DayTime” crew on Roger local television station in Mississauga.