Orthotics just got sexy

Orthotics may just have become sexy!

I think we’ve got something very exciting coming for our female patients presently wearing orthotics! In the next week or two our patients presently wearing a current orthotic prescription they are comfortable with can come in and size their feet for a range of custom made sandals and footwear from which they can choose colour and style. These will be custom made with your unique prescription orthotic milled into the footbed. To see the full lineup of styles follow the link to https://integrityortho.com/custom…/custom-footwear.html

We previously were able to offer a less stylish option in partnership with Integrity orthotics. At that time we extensively ensured the effectiveness of building prescription orthotic devices into the footbed of a cork soled sandal.

We feel that these new options will build on that experience to enable us to give your feet the continuous support and stability required to facilitate strength and mobility during the warmer months. As always we stress to remind you when activities demand greater control these are not a replacement for your enclosed footwear. If interested please contact your local clinic to arrange a visit as it is necessary to size the sandal to your foot which can then be applied across the range of options.

Any questions please fire away!