The Children’s Safety Village of Brant Presents “Inspiring Women”

Karen Piovesan is a long time friend and employee of Brantford Podiatry, she brims with vitality and brings an energy to work that is, thankfully…contagious!  She has been involved and many worthwhile causes, and this event is something we felt important to be a part of.  Brantford Podiatry is a proudsponsor, and we encourage you to attend, or contribute, or better yet both.  We look forward to posting pictures and an update on it’s great success (as we are sure it will be)!  Read below, get inspired, and go!

The Children’s Safety Village is excited to present an incredible fundraising gala to motivate, challenge and most importantly, inspire the person within. It is to demonstrate the importance of personal safety and why the CSV works diligently at educating the young. The CSV is thrilled to present Trisha Meili, “The Central Park Jogger” as our key note speaker alongside other inspiring speakers from within our local communities. 

Trisha’s inspiring story of hope and possibility is shared through her life lessons she learned during her healing process of her brutal attack one night while running in Central Park. Her ability to find resilience is motivating, as she offers life lessons on facing challenges and the importance of being able to reach out for support. Trisha highlights the power of the present moment and delivers the message of being proud of what you can do – building and boosting your level of self-esteem. Please visit www.centralparkjogger.com

Alongside our incredible keynote speaker, Trisha Meili we are very excited to present four other inspirational speakers from within our communities whose stories are about strength and overcoming obstacles. The four amazing speakers are;

Joan Minnery, THINspiration. Joan has walked her way to losing over 100 pounds. Her motto is “put down that fork and get moving.” She is truly a weight loss inspiration where no quick fixes or weight loss gimmicks were used. Joan is a very well known local entertainer and founder of Elvisfest. Joan is writing her first book and is now travelling all across the province setting up weight loss support networks and writing articles for fitness magazines! https://joanminnery.health.officelive.com/

Shelley Tudin (Kormos). Shelley was born with the physical disability, Muscular Dystrophy. Shelley has overcome an abundance of obstacles both professionally and personally. She has written her first book, You’re Too Cute to be Disabled and is an amazing local artist. This determined and inspiring young woman will be doing a booking signing the day of. 

Jennifer Corsini. Jennifer lives in Norfolk County and 3 years ago she faced a horrific act of domestic violence which basically left her for dead. Jennifer was in a coma state and on life support for approximately two weeks following this brutal attack. Through her husbands stabbings she lost 5 litres of blood and will live with the scars forever, however she is determined to reach out and help others by sharing her story. She has recently completed a documentary that will be put on display at various events and will travel to women shelters across the province.

Lynn Knowles – Lynn is from the Toronto area, originally from South Africa. Lynn has been doing psychic, intuitive readings for her customers that are based across Ontario. Lynn continues to be motivated by her desire to do her part in encouraging others to achieve their dreams and create a better world. Lynn will be our final speaker so she can sum up the previous speakers and ensure the participants that the universe does indeed work with us and for us and not against us.

In addition to these inspirational speakers, there will be VIP and face to face vendors who will be highlighting their services and will be open for business.

Cost: $75.00 per ticket (gift, lunch, snacks and refreshments included)

Saturday, April 28, 2012 8:30-4:30

8:30-9:30 – registration and vendors open

9:30 – welcoming

10:00 – speakers series begins

For tickets, please contact the Children’s Safety Village at 519.720.6950 or email Vicky Spadoni at vicky@csvbrant.ca  

Marilyn Bradley