The world Heavy Weight Champion

First stop on our promised review of some suitable footwear models

The Heavy Weight Contender.

The Brooks Beast and Ariel; men’s and women’s shoes respectively, are now on its 20th model and has been a “solid” performer (yes the pun was intended)!

This has been a terrific stability shoe for lager patients, for both walking and running for years. While not the lightest running shoe it delivers unsurpassed levels of control and durability. Given the frightening numbers of footwear that end up in land fills worldwide every year Brooks have ensured that the midsole in the new model is biodegradable, not perfect but it does show intent. Clearly it may be an old dog but its learned or aquired some new tricks over the years. It is available in multiple widths, however note to the good folks at Brooks, it is not readily available or readily shipped.  Even in a city like Mississauga our patients come across this frustration all too often. While they can be ordered online, we always stress that for first time buyers the you to try the shoe on to assure comfort, sizing and general fit. If there is a ready source we’ve missed please comment below as Brooks has lots to offer and we’d love to help patients source out these items.

To avoid any bias, other contenders for the heavy weight title are, Asics Foundation, Brooks  Addiction, New Balance 1540, 1260, and Saucony ProGrid Stabil. 

This is, by no means a comprehensive list but at least a few options to help you through the jungle of shoes out there.