Time To Vote

No we’re not refering to the up coming presidential elections south of the Canadian border.

Some kind, delusional individual has nominated both Marilyn and Mark Bradley for Chiropodist/Podiatrist of the year in the Brantford News, which should make for some interesting domestic rivalry. Naturally we all know who the winner of that little race will be!, mind you she does work very hard .

The Brantford Podiatry Office was also nominated and as embarrassing as it is we would be most grateful if you could find a minute to vote for us and help us Win!. The paper is widely read throughout the Brant region and it would greatly help spread the word and awareness about our practice.

Here is the link below, it’s a matter of registering so that only one vote per category can be placed by a single email address and there is to be no follow up use of your email details.

Thanks again Mark