University of Toronto Advanced surgical seminar

Despite Beautiful weather Saturday 16th of July, 60+ podiatric practitioners turned up at the University of Toronto, Medical department to better their knowledge and skills in a variety of advance surgical techniques.

I had the great pleasure of meeting and lecturing with Dr Ali Sadrieh, from California. He arrived late the night before and brief call at 11PM post check in lead to an ever expanding conversation that had me slippin into bed long after my intended bed time.

Too early next morning I met an unnervingly bright eye non sleep  deprived /non jet lagged Dr Sadrieh in the beautiful campus of the University of Toronto, Medical facility. An hour long strategy session has us both keen to get started on what promised to be a lot of fun.

I believe what the attendees got was more than simply an excellent instructional seminar, but rather an introduction or revisitation, to a refreshing mindset for providing care based completely on the needs of the patient, with guidance and advice from the practitioner. For myself presenting along with Dr Sadrieh was particularly rewarding as he so eloquently put into word so many of the core values that our two practices share as their core values. His enthusiasm for patient care and the constant revision of the environments we create to provide these services will undoubtedly fuel food for thought in all the minds of those he encounters.

Once again I am compelled to thank again the Ontario Society of Chiropodists for having the vision to organize this seminar and pave the way for improved foot health care in the future. Also special thanks to Greg Lawrence for inviting me to participate and for organizing what proved to be a very fulfilling seminar.I look forward to continuing to participate in such events in the future as our profession continues to evolve and the provision of care exceeds the limits of our present imagination.

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