Weekend Walk to End Womens Cancers

Shel Freelan, DPM, long associated with The Weekend Walk to End Womens Cancers (an annual 2 day 60 K fundraising walk in Toronto), was delighted again, this year to address a large group of volunteer walkers in Whitby last Wednesday, who are in the midst of preparing themselves for the endeavor.

It was thrilling to see such a large number of new walkers this year which bodes well for the future of this event.

Giving these wonderful folks advice on preparation, training, shoe gear, and dealing with the grueling nature of the 30k/day, 2 day walk was indeed satisfying, and hopefully both motivating and comforting to those planning to participate.

As one of the Podiatrists attending the event and manning the first aid stations next month, I applaud in advance all those walkers who are doing so much to help others!