Winter footwear options

Typically in our offices we try not to recommend specific brands of models of footwear as being superior one versus the other. Winter however bring even greater challenges for those searching for stable footwear the will provide both warmth  and water resistance.

Over the last 15 years at least, my personal go too for winter wear has been a relatively obscure brand from the land down under, namely Blundstones. In more recent times we have used their footwear to clad our two growing boys during the messy colder month, and both of them benefit from the additional control and the space to accommodate their relatively bulk functional orthotic devices. Alas when it comes to foot structure, as so often happens, the apples did not fall far from the parental/Podiatric tree.

Here is a link to the companies web site, as always you need to try the footwear on to make sure it comfortable and suitable for your foot before buying. One style does not fit/suite all.

Also beware the sizing is for Aussie/Tassie feet which does differ from our north American sizing system, it’s a bit like our collective use of the English language.