This lovely gentleman visits our office on a regular basis for a chat and regular maintenance.

This time he mentioned that he had been experiencing a considerable amount of pain on the plantar aspect (bottom) of his right foot for the last three weeks. At quick glance it was obvious that there was considerable soft tissue swelling and at the epicentre was a small black dot.

With a little debridement we were able to grasp the end of a 1cm piece of stiff wire perpendicularly projecting into the tissue. So this gentleman is a keen hobbiest, DIY-er and barefoot fanatic, nuff said! Moral of the story; keep your shoes on.  We remove interesting items all the time, sewing needles, pet and human hair, particle board slivers, metal shavings fibreglass and even the odd grape seed lol.  Can’t wait to bring you the next episode, stay tuned.