Finally an Orthotic friendly sandal for men

For years our female patients have had the ability to purchase comfortable stable sandals with removable insole to accept their custom functional orthotics.

Not since the disappearance of BITE sandals has the same been possible for males. Well, it would appear that now has changed! Today I had a patient return for a check-up and low and behold he had on a pair of Cambrian Sandals .

The great thing about sandals like these, is they have a terrific stable platform ideally suited for orthotics to function well and yet satisfy the desire to escape the confines of closed footwear.

Very often patients will choose an older but still functional pair of orthotics, we send those and the sandals back to our clinical partners Integrity Orthotics That way the orthotics can be recovered to look like new and match perfectly the thickness and profile of the original Cambrian removable insole.

Many of these older orthotics otherwise end up forgotten in occasional wear boots. This way we are recycling them to a new lease of life and helping you minimize the damage to your feet while maximizing the joys of summer.

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