What are the five key things to consider when buying a good stable shoe?

How to buy new shoe and what to look for has been a topic of conversation with patients for the past 35 years of my professional career. The reason we spend so much time on the subject of footwear is that without good stable footwear as a foundation, any efforts we make to improve on function or stability will likely fail. With continued use of poorly designed footwear most structural foot and leg conditions will deteriorate faster.

We recently did a quick buyers guide video on our youtube channel the purpose of which was to help patients exiting the office with brains spinning with advice and information, reflect on the essentials of good footwear essentials.

The characteristics can be broken down into five key components.

  • the method of closure or securing the shoe
  • presence of flexibility in the ball of the foot/shoe
  • rigidity in the middle of the sole to limit flexion and twist
  • the presence of a heel lift
  • a firm stable heel counter or back to the shoe.

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