Marilyn and Mark will be out of the office on a little work trip for two weeks!

Actually, it’s a major work trip, but the destination is exceptionally cool and we love to share with you over the course of our adventure what we get up to.

The basis for the trip was a conversation Marilyn had with a patient regarding the challenges of coordinating diabetic foot care to minimize wound formation and limb loss. This has become an increasingly frequent challenge in many island nations the world over as they evolve, with changes in culture, diets, occupations, numbers, and agriculture to name a few.

 This is an area Marilyn especially has extensive experience in, ranging from her time in the UK at United Leeds Teaching Hospital, St. James Hospital and Wharfdale Hospital, Yorkshire in the UK, KCI Medical, St. Michaels Hospital, Toronto and now privative clinical practice.

 As is the way of the world, a few conversations later and a couple of Zoom calls at very unsociable hours of the morning, we are heading to Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean at the request of their minister of health.

The goal is to visit all of their diabetic foot clinics across the island, do some clinical work, assess the delivery of care, teach a few skills, and hopefully assist them in developing a path to better care for their citizens.

Judging by our contact thus far they are incredibly hospitable and from what investigation we have done this promises to be an incredible journey.

I will admit to not being the most adventurous individual for new experiences so if nothing else you can take pleasure in my discomfort at being well and truly out of my depth in the Indian Ocean.