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March Break for Feet

Tomorrw we  are back with Ted at Rogers Television for another episode of their day time show “Inside Brant”. Given that March Break starts for

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Accepting Arthritis

All too often a diagnosis of arthritis is offered up for non-specific pain, especially with regards to the lower limb.  Sometimes even when the diagnosis is

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Glass In Foot

Every day we are fortunate enough to make a difference in someones life, here was todays opertunity. He is 79 years old, lives alone and

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Diabetes Day

Tomorrow November 14th is World Diabetes Day.  If on no other day of the year: If someone you love suffers from diabetes or is at

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World Diabetes Day

November 14Th is World Diabetes Day, the purpose of which is to raise global awareness of the disease, its increasing previlence and its close proximity to

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Time To Vote

No we’re not refering to the up coming presidential elections south of the Canadian border. Some kind, delusional individual has nominated both Marilyn and Mark

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Ted’s Heel Pain

Back at the end of June we finally had chance to do a show on Plantar Fasciitis with Inside Brant host Ted Lehman. Interestingly he was not

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