Preliminary report to Mauritius Health Minister

Our meeting with the Mauritius, Minister for Health last Friday had to be rescheduled to Monday October 23rd 2023, the day of our departure for home. Fortunately, this gave us additional time to compile our thoughts better and put them on paper. It was an additional surprise to learn that the national TV station would be on hand to capture the meeting and conduct interviews afterward.

No sooner are we back home than the nice folks at mbc (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation) sent us a copy of the news segment they did on last night’s news show following our presentation to the Health Minister and various officers from the ministry.

As you will hear Marilyns Mauritian Creole has improved dramatically over the course of our visit.

It appears that this educational process if adopted will likely take a minimum of two years to complete, consisting of both a distance online/video format and a practical in-person component. We will await the final decision of the Ministry Of Health and look forward to working with Dr Ozeer who will likely head up such a directive and the Mauritius Institute of Health which deliver the educational programme for Specialist Nurses (Foot-care).

It has been an amazing experience over the last two weeks that Marilyn and I have been able to devote our time to. Something which would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of our clinical associates and clinical support staff back home here in Mississauga and Brantford. Our sincere. deep thanks to all of you for keeping the offices running and our patients happy and entertained in our absence.

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