Video summary of first days in Mauritius

Finally, we managed to download some of the highlights from the first week in Mauritius. Its impossible to do justice to this island of Mauritius with words or pictures. The people are equally hard to capture with their gentle dignity and willingness to assist even the most trivial of query.

As beautiful as this place is we have been busy meeting with the specialized Nurses ( diabetic footcare), doctors of endocrinology, Mauritius Institute of Health, the Health Minister and his staff. Truly a more selfless and motivated group of healthcare professionals we couldn’t hope to meet. All focused on improving diabetic foot care provision, with a simple goal of minimizing diabetic complications and amputations.

This week is primarily aimed at clinical work/education in the 5 regional hospitals where the diabetic foot clinics are located. If yesterday is anything to go by it should be fun, fulfilling and a wee bit scary at times. It’s challenging to constantly meeting new groups and trying to figure out what skills they want and need to learn. Its a very different environment from what we are used to, so yes I’m out of my depth in the Indian Ocean but keeping above the surface thus far. Marilyn on the other hand appears to be more buoyant than i and getting along swimmingly.

Sorry in advance for the use of portrait video footage, I’ll try and do better today.


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