Would you like to avoid causing damage to the top covering on your custom Orthotic?

Occasionally we get patients returning for check-ups voicing disappointment with the durability of the top covering of their orthotic devices.

In reality, the damage was unwittingly caused directly by the individuals themselves. They managed this by improperly utilizing a shoe horn while putting on the shoe.

As time passes, simple tasks can become difficult or even impossible for us. Things like putting on socks or shoes, even tying laces. This process can worsen due to surgery, hip, back and knee issues. As a result, to facilitate normal life, we rely on mechanical aids to facilitate. If the issue is temporary it is important to realize that these simple mechanical tasks requiring flexibility and dexterity are healthy normal functions that keep our bodies working well. 

The old adage works well here, Use it or lose it!

For those who must use a shoe horn, it is important to use it correctly. Both to preserve the integrity of the rear of the heel cup (the counter) and to avoid damaging the upper of the orthotic.

Undoing the laces to facilitate entry into the shoe is ideal to allow for the subsequent proper tension to be applied to the laces or other closing mechanisms. For the sake of those requiring the laces to be tied due to inability to bend then the shoe horn can be lightly placed against the heel counter but NOT with the tip pressed into the sole of the shoe or in this case the surface of the orthotic. This will facilitate the foot’s passage through the opening allowing the shoehorn to be withdrawn easily neither damaging the shoe or orthotic device.

Even with fairly active lifestyles the top covers regularly last several years with little sign of wear and tear. When they do start to show the milage the business part of the Orthotic regularly remains strong and stable, we recommend sending the device back to the Integrity Laboratories for recovery so they look good as new.

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