Your New Year Resolution

Want A Fitter Healthier You For 2024!

image depicts start of new year and health goals

Many of us choose the New Year to rectify health and fitness issues that have developed over the last twelve months, and that is a great resolution. 

If increasing your activity level or commencing an exercise programme is part of your new start, then begin with the correct preparation to avoid early disappointment, failure, or injury.

 Your feet are your foundation, without a good platform, you limit your ability to perform and increase the likelihood of injury. The best place to build this foundation is with stable footwear and we have covered this previously in blogs before so scroll back if you need a recap. 

There are lots of minimalist flexible footwear flooding the marketplace, and while arguably there may be a time and place, for the vast majority of athletes during exercise is NOT that time. Conversely, they will increase the likelihood of strains, sprains and fractures sidelining your New Year’s resolution before the middle of January.

Yes! Pain and aches are normal with a renewed or increased level of activity. So be realistic in your goals and listen to your body. If you are in pain modify the activity or level of demand, pain is your body’s primary mechanism of communication. Hydration and nutrition are as important as the activity itself, so read critically and be informed.

 We are so quick to react to a check engine light, or soaring temperature gauge in our car, yet too often that same information goes unheeded from our body, the most priceless form of transport you will ever own.

We wish you success in realizing all of your New Year resolutions and look forward to helping you should any check engine lights that may persistently come on. We have a terrific diagnostic crew.

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