What Triggers an Arthritis Flare?

Arthritic feet

For those of us who have have any type of arthritis, you’ve probably lived through a flare up. During this period of renewed, increased disease activity or worsening symptoms — a time when the medications you normally rely on to control your disease don’t seem to work. The causes of flares vary by disease — so let’s […]

How Short Should I Cut My Nails?

parson trimming their own toe nails

Simple question and truthfully no one answer fits all. Why? You may well ask. Well for some individuals their nails are vital for picking up small objects. For others, any length may be a possible source of hiding dirt and pathogens that may be unacceptable in their field. The rest of us fall somewhere in […]

Bowed Legs? So what!

pedi gait capture of walking foot

No one has straight legs, but knock knees and bowed legs greatly impact how the feet strike the ground. Something as simple as bowing of the legs (Tibial varum) can add indescribable amounts of wear and tear to our bodies over the years. Very often our patients are unaware of the condition yet upon watching […]

Got Osteoarthritis? Drugs or surgery?

A hand about to deliver an anti-inflammatory drug for osteoarthritis

The diagnosis of Osteoarthritis is often delivered as a final decree. The generally accepted course is to manage the pain with oral anti-inflammatories until it’s time for orthopedic surgery. Failing that there are a host of organic lotions and breaking science potions, unimaginable injectables or new-fangled variations on light therapy all claiming to have been […]

Got A Hard Bump On The Top Of The Foot?

dorsal exostosis on foot

These bone growths on the top of the feet are often associated with functional overpronation. As the feet roll inwards, the bones in the arch lower hitting the limit of their range of motion. The repetitive impact causes inflammation and eventually new bone growth to form. If the cause is not treated the growth will […]

Ready for Sandal Season?

very abnormal wear marks on Birkenstock sandals

Ok I know I’m jumping the gun a bit here in southern Ontario. This is intended to be more reflective, as we change seasons and dig out last year’s footwear. As anyone who knows me will testify, I’m not really much of a slave to seasonal fashion( or any sort of fashion for that matter). […]

Traffic Issues at Mississauga Podiatry

google map image of Mississauga Podiatry location

Hurontario St. or Hwy 10 is the main thoroughfare in Mississauga and has been under construction for our new light rail public transit system and work will continue for the foreseeable future. This a heads up for all of you that will be visiting our Missauga Podiatry Associates office next week March 25th to until […]