Diagram showing Mortons neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third and fourth toes. Morton’s neuroma may feel as if you are standing on a pebble in your shoe or on a fold in your sock.

Morton’s neuroma involves a thickening of the tissue around common nerve leading to the effected toes. This can cause a sharp, burning pain in the ball of your foot which can radiate up into 3rd and 4th toes.

Like most conditions in the foot most commonly this is caused by abnormal foot function resulting in repetitive compression of the nerve fibre. Each case is unique and can be aggravated by a variety of stimulus including, tight footwear, High heels, certain types of exercise, hard work surfaces.

Treatment begins with identify the underly functional cause. Having addressed the source a variety of therapies can be used to address the symptoms ranging from, changes in footwear and activities, deflective padding to decompress the nerve, cortisone injections, cold laser therapy, neurolysis injections and surgery.