Time For New Wheels

Many of you have heard me lament, I’ve been overdue for new shoes for a considerable while.  So finally, After work a few of weeks ago, I barged into our local shoe store in Brantford just at closing time (apologies to all the staff at “Al’s Shoe Factory”) for a little game of speed shopping. […]

What Triggers an Arthritis Flare?

Arthritic feet

For those of us who have have any type of arthritis, you’ve probably lived through a flare up. During this period of renewed, increased disease activity or worsening symptoms — a time when the medications you normally rely on to control your disease don’t seem to work. The causes of flares vary by disease — so let’s […]

Got A Hard Bump On The Top Of The Foot?

dorsal exostosis on foot

These bone growths on the top of the feet are often associated with functional overpronation. As the feet roll inwards, the bones in the arch lower hitting the limit of their range of motion. The repetitive impact causes inflammation and eventually new bone growth to form. If the cause is not treated the growth will […]

Still Bothered by ingrown toe nails?

ingrown toenail with localized infection of the soft tissue

This isn’t the first and wont be the last time we write about this subject! No matter how many times we address this condition at presentations, educational seminars and on an individual basis, the steady flow of new patients keeps coming with re-occurring ingrown toenails. Everyone at some point in their lives will inadvertently cause […]

Is Growing Pains a clinical diagnosis? or just evidence of a lazy clinician.

lazy or disinterested Doctor

 This is another one of those pet peeves of mine, and yes I know, enough of the eye-rolling.  The “Growing Pains” diagnosis is delivered daily to concerned parents and affected child with the advice that “this too shall pass”. Just like acne, temper tantrums, nose bleeds and all the other myriad of interesting afflictions associated […]

Has Artificial Intelligence A Place In Our Daily Clinical Practice?

AI in Podiatry

In any professional career, we go through various phases, sometimes real and others perceived. At one point we may have felt cutting edge, an active contributor to the evolution of our profession, an educator or in modern parle an influencer. It is also unnerving to perceive that we might be falling behind in that process. […]

Would you like to avoid causing damage to the top covering on your custom Orthotic?

image of our video on shoehorn use

Occasionally we get patients returning for check-ups voicing disappointment with the durability of the top covering of their orthotic devices. In reality, the damage was unwittingly caused directly by the individuals themselves. They managed this by improperly utilizing a shoe horn while putting on the shoe. As time passes, simple tasks can become difficult or […]

Your New Year Resolution

leaping into 2024

Want A Fitter Healthier You For 2024! Many of us choose the New Year to rectify health and fitness issues that have developed over the last twelve months, and that is a great resolution.  If increasing your activity level or commencing an exercise programme is part of your new start, then begin with the correct […]

Mauritius we miss you!

We are back in the office and oh my what a trip!. Any fears that I may have harboured about how beneficial our trip to Mauritius might have proved, have most certainly been dispelled. We were able to achieve the primary goal of auditing present Diabetic foot-care provision by meeting with all the interested parties […]

Video summary of first days in Mauritius

Finally, we managed to download some of the highlights from the first week in Mauritius. Its impossible to do justice to this island of Mauritius with words or pictures. The people are equally hard to capture with their gentle dignity and willingness to assist even the most trivial of query. As beautiful as this place […]