Time For New Wheels

Many of you have heard me lament, I’ve been overdue for new shoes for a considerable while.  So finally, After work a few of weeks ago, I barged into our local shoe store in Brantford just at closing time (apologies to all the staff at “Al’s Shoe Factory”) for a little game of speed shopping. […]

Holiday Gift Ideas

This year if you really want to show Grandma or Grandpa you really care and want them to be a vital active part of your life for years to come, don’t, I repeat DO NOT buy them slippers, no matter how cute they (the slippers) might look.  If you have already given in to temptation […]

The world Heavy Weight Champion

image of a very stable shoe

First stop on our promised review of some suitable footwear models The Heavy Weight Contender. The Brooks Beast and Ariel; men’s and women’s shoes respectively, are now on its 20th model and has been a “solid” performer (yes the pun was intended)! This has been a terrific stability shoe for lager patients, for both walking and running for […]